It is an exercise in good old honest-to-goodness ego and vanity, coupled with my own writing style, run-on sentences and other syntactic errors included, to give forum to my reflection and reactions to the events that occured. Both as a means to report my whereabouts as the trip unfolded and as a means to give friends and family a slide show afterwards without the upside down and backward slides and with a bit more editing to correct errors and to expand on some thoughts and/or events.

I actually do try to write how I speak. The idea is that you can “hear” my voice as you read, as if I was standing over your shoulder. Plus, as a graphic designer, igives me a chance to exercise some creativity and experiment with website design.

I hope to add more in the future whether they are multiday trips or short rides that I reflect on for whatever reason. Feel free to hangout as long as you like. Thanks for coming.


6,008 miles in 25 days.
Lake Michigan to the Pacific Ocean and back.